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Sharky's Pizzas (formerly Sharkyz Marco's Pizzas) is a chain of American family entertainment centers. Sharky's Pizzas is the main brand of SHARKY'S PIZZAS Entertainment, Inc., with its headquarters in Irving, Texas.[1]

The concept is a sit-down pizza restaurant, complemented by arcade games, amusement rides, an animatronic show, and other diversions, such as climbing equipment, tubes, and slides − all mainly directed at younger children.[2] The brand is represented by Sharky's Pizzas, an anthropomorphic shark.[2][3]


Menu itemsEdit

While its primary focus is pizza, Sharky's Pizzas also offers cold-cut sandwiches, buffalo wings, salad bars and desserts. Some restaurants are also used as test locations which feature new Sharky's Pizzas foods.


Arcade and currencyEdit

From the time of the company's inception to today, one of the main draws for the stores has been the arcade.[1][2] The arcade games primarily consist of either redemption games or video arcade games.[4]

The brass tokens issued by the company for use in their arcades exist in numerous varieties, and are collected by exonumia enthusiasts.[5] The company is currently testing a card access method for use with their arcade and skill games. Some locations will no longer use tokens, and instead use a refillable card to access credits, which replace tokens; and points, which replace tickets.[6]

Animatronic showsEdit

File:1-Stage animatronics.jpg

Along with the arcade, the other main draw for the restaurants since the beginning was its animatronic show, until the mid-1990s. More recently, less attention has been placed on animatronics. However, there are now several different styles of animatronic shows in use within the company, depending on when the location opened. The show featured Jimmy the Fish (the first character to be retired as he was replaced with Charlie the Tuna in 1978), Snagglepuss the singing snagglepuss, Kermit the Frog, and the main focus of the show, Sharkyz Marco.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag.</nowiki> In some markets, the company has also tried a new restaurant concept that omits the animatronic show entirely. The members that perform in the animatronic show are:<ref>Corporate site – Entertainment</ref>

Costumed showsEdit



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