Mr. Munch
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Monster
Health Supernatural
Status Alive
Location Chuck E. Cheese restaurants

Mr. Munch is a character from the Chuck E. Cheese restaraunts.


He debuted in 1979 at the 2nd PTT. He replaced Crusty the Cat. He was originally voiced by Scott Wilson. In the portrait/shelf stage, Munch was placed behind closed doors, similar to Pasqually. He originally had a scratchy voice but later got a deep voice. He was originally portrayed as slower witted than the rest of the other "wits". When the Rocker Stages and C stages debuted in '87 and '88, Munch was placed inside of windows along with Pasqually. When CU occured, Munch was made the keyboardist and leader of the band called Munch's Make Believe Band. Chris Hill voiced just like Louis Armstrong while being a present voice actor of this character. His birthday is on March 1.

Voice actorsEdit