Jasper T. Jowls
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Dog
Health Healthy
Status Alive
Location Chuck E. Cheese Restraunts

Jasper T. Jowls is a character from the Chuck E. Cheese's restaurants. He is an anthropomorphic bloodhound who loves to sing, dance, and plays all kinds of guitar.


This Tennessee hound dog howls the loudest on his guitar in Chuck E.'s band. A mellow melodeon, Jasper also loves to play fetch, but admits that "if you throw the ball too far, you're just gonna have to wait a bit." The "T" in his name stands for Tennessee. His birthday is on August 26th.

Physical AppearenceEdit

Jasper's fur color is brown. He has long, floppy ears. He wears a pair of blue overalls, and a white shirt with black poke-a-dots. He also wears a bandana around his neck.

Voice actorsEdit