Helen Henny
New Helen Puppet





Voice Actors:

Anna-Grey Labasse (2012–2016) Caroline Richardson (2016-Present)

Rockstar Helen is the most recent version of Helen Henny


Rockstar Helen was redesigned in 2012, but revoiced in 2016. She has a clear interest in video arcade games and seems to have adopted a quirky personality. 

Helen was born in New York City on the 27th of May, growing up with her Father and brothers Harvey and Henry. She would often sing, giving her a love for music at an early age and planting her career at Chuck E. Cheese's. When not singing, Helen often entered video game competitions and blew away the competition.

After meeting and playing against Chuck E. and winning, he later called her to join the band.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Helen has white feathers and bright blue eyes. She has a blonde ponytail, and is usually wearing a pink striped dress with jeans underneath.