Helen Henny
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Voice Actor:

Paula Mulcahy (1978–1979) Nancy Lenihan (1983–1990)

The earliest version of Helen Henny was the first Pizza Time Theatre guest star.


Helen's name is a parody of Helen Reddy, an Australian singer and actress. During the short lived Portrait bot period, Helen played the guitar and had just gotten back from a tour in Madagascar. To the time of this writing, the original Helen Henny Showtape is considered lost and still missing. This version of Helen would later appear in Cyberamic form. The design of the character loosely stayed the same, but the backstory changed. She became a movie star for “Eggstravagant Motion Pictures”.

The last PTT era Helen became the “Broadway Hen”, she was the final Guest Star before the bankruptcy of the Pizza Time Theatre. She performed onstage to impress a Broadway talent scout in the audience. Helen at this point clucked in every sentence she let out, which greatly annoyed Chuck E. Cheese. She remained the permanent female character after the company couldn't afford to change out characters any longer. She remained the same until Concept Unification.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Helen originally had long blonde hair and a pink/white collared shirt. She wore rings on her then yellow hands. She had white feathers and brown eyes. Her appearance stayed the same for the Cabaret Cyberamic, except for her new blue dress.

Her Broadway design changed drastically and er hair was changed to black and white feathers. She had blue eye shadow and a long beak, and wore a red v-neck dress. Her appearance stayed the same until the Concept Unification redesign.

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