Helen Henny





Voice Actor:

Alyssa Traylor
Annagrey Labasse (2000–2015)

Avenger Helen is the third incarnation of Helen Henny.


Avenger Helen started the late 90’s when the Avenger era started shaping up. Tux Helen’s singing voice actress, Annagray Labasse became the main voice of the hen.

This version showed her be older, and her potential crush on Chuck became much more apparent. She teased him about it on stage, usually resulting in him getting nervous and shying away. During this era, she tried to give wisdom to the band when they started making fun of one another, or when a situation popped up.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Avenger Helen kept the same basic design, but she brought back the long gone blonde hair from the early days of the PTT Era. She has white feathers and yellow legs. Her outfit changes very often.