Harmony Howlette
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Coyote
Health Healthy
Status Retired
Location Pizza Time Theatre Restraunts
Harmony Howlette is a female guest character formerly installed at Pizza Time Theatre restaurants. She is a cowgirl coyote and howls as her trademark, sort of like Helen's clucking and Madame Oink's snorts. She first premiered in 1981 in the 'Harmony's Wid West Show' showtape. She then vanished for a short period of time. She returned in 1982 for her second showtape called, the 'Harmony's Hoedown' showtape. She often flirted with the men, mostly with Jasper, who had a huge crush on her. She is known to be voiced by an unknown actor. She retired in 1982, but was shown on the 1988 Indiana Jowls poster.