Dolli Dimples
Character dolli
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Hippo
Health Healthy
Status Retired
Location Pizza Time Theatre Restraunts
Dolli Dimples is a blues/jazz piano-playing hippo that would often sweet-talk and dedicate songs to the guests sitting near the other side of her piano. She would also reminisce of her former husbands, often tying them in to monologues of song titles. She also has been known to use innuendo, and makes suggestive comments.  She also has pink polished nails on her fingers to enhance the way she looks. She was the first animatronic to play the piano until Artie Antlers (1980) and B.B. Bubbles (1982) came in. She has two known showtapes being in 1978 and 1982 ( her "I'm back" showtape).

Voice actressesEdit