Chuck E. Cheese





Voice Actor:

Scott Wilson (1990-1993) Duncan Brannan (1994-1997)

The second iteration of Chuck E. Cheese began in 1990 with the onset of Concept Unification, a project that would truly merge CEC with its rival company: Showbiz Pizza.


“Tux”, as he is called, took a drastic turn from the earlier, harsher Chuck E. Cheese character. He now wore a tuxedo as opposed to the familiar red vest, and had a much more snappy, upbeat personality. The band itself, now known as Munch’s Make Believe Band, really adopted the whole band dynamic at this point. This era was during the boom era in the 90’s, and though it was short lived, it is arguably one of the most iconic and remembered eras.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Tux Chuck was gray in color, and had blue eyes. His snout was either pink or tan colored, and he continued to wear a derby alongside his signature black and gold tuxedo.

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