Chuck E. Cheese
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Voice Actors:

John Widelock (1977-1984) Scott Wilson (1984-1990)

'PTT 'Chuck, the earliest version of the Chuck  E. Cheese character, was introduced in 1977 where he was voiced by John Widelock.


Chuck E. was originally going to be named “Rick Rat”, but this idea was immediately shot down by the team at Atari. In the first showtape, he had a completely different persona than the rest of the later incarnations. He was a rat down to the heart, and directly made fun of the other characters onstage. Chuck also originally smoked cigars in advertisements, and even on the first few animatronic portrait figures. This was eradicated from the later shows, ads, and with the Cyberamics.

He was known as “The Big C” by the other Pizza Time Players, and even with his harsh actions, he always made it clear that he really cared for his friends onstage. He became softer until Concept Unification, where the character switched to Tux Chuck.

Physical DescriptionEdit

PTT Chuck was dark gray in color, and had either blue or green eyes. His snout was longer and pink in color, and usually wore some sort of vest, typically red. PTT’s derby hat was one of his more significant features.